ZCloud API

By enabling the ZCloud API, a storage cloud immediately becomes a potential destination of ever-growing eco-system of backup-to-cloud applications, including Amanda - the world's most popular open source backup project. The storage cloud vendor does not need to worry about specifics of backup and recovery process. Instead they can continue to focus on scalability and robustness of their core offering.

As more and more businesses discover the flexibility and ease of using storage clouds for their secondary and tertiary storage, backup-to-cloud has become a must-have feature for all backup software. By supporting ZCloud API, a backup software vendor can immediately use a growing choice of storage clouds, including Amazon S3, as well as private storage clouds as a destination of its backup archives.

Perspectives from Storage Cloud Leaders

  • "Backup-to-Cloud is a key application of storage clouds. Mezeo is enabling a growing eco-system of applications to be compatible with our cloud storage platform... We are excited about the ZCloud API, as it will help us to easily integrate backup software applications with our cloud without requiring cloud storage service provider developers to understand the specifics of any particular backup software."

    Steve Lesem, President and CEO, Mezeo Software Corporation

  • "Eucalyptus enables private and hybrid clouds for enterprise data centers. Backup to internal storage clouds instead of ad-hoc storage devices provides great flexibility to IT managers.... ZCloud API is a welcome next step in the evolving cloud based infrastructure landscape and we look forward to the integration between the Eucalyptus Walrus Storage System and ZCloud."

    Woody Rollins, CEO, Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.

  • "Storage clouds represent a radical shift in secondary and tertiary storage. With increasing Internet bandwidth and economies of scale of storage cloud vendors, IT managers will realize dramatic cost and complexity reduction for their off-site backup needs... By normalizing the idiosyncrasies of specific clouds, ZCloud enables a vibrant ecosystem needed to serve this growing demand."

    Chander Kant, CEO, Zmanda, Inc.

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